quinta-feira, maio 27, 2010

Disable conversation view on OWA 2010

Not like Outlook 2010 when the conversation view comes disabled by default, on OWA 2010 it comes enebled. 

To disable the way the e-mails are arranged you need just uncheck the highlighted checkbox.

DAG FSW is empty - Getting "The cluster resource could not be found" when try to manage Failover Clustering

I couldn't find way of make the DAG to recreate the files on its File Share Witness, every trying was unsuccessful.

When I tried to remove the servers from DAG to recreate it I recieved an error because the cluster couldn't find the quorum. I decided to try a not good way to solve the problem, but using the following steps I could have the DAG working fine.

1- Removed every server from DAG using Remove-DatabaseAvailabilityGroupServer -Identity -MailboxServer -ConfigurationOnly
2- Cleaned the cluster using this command to every DAG member cluster node /forcecleanup

Done, now you can delete the DAG and recreate it.

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